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Get Comprehensive Orthopedics Care by Dr Yash Gulati at Apollo Hospitals Delhi


Our joints take a lot of the strain that we place on our bodies. Sports activities, weight gain, or even everyday use can cause pain. The surgical procedure is most often used to treat osteoarthritis, however, there are a number of different conditions that it is also useful for. The direct intention of the surgical procedure is for pain relief in addition to increased capability of the joint.

Dr. Yash Gulati provides comprehensive care for joint replacement surgery in India

Dr. Yash Gulati senior orthopedic surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Delhi is one of the most talented joint replacement surgeons in India is committed to providing excellence in the management of musculoskeletal injuries and orthopedic surgeries. According to him, joint replacement surgery is effective over 90% of the time and the surgery lasts for 15 years in 95% of patients which is impressive good numbers. Patient education and adherence to what you learn are important to the long-term final results for the method. He is board certified orthopedic surgeon who is dedicated to providing his patients with personalized, comprehensive orthopedic and rehabilitation care. A joint replacement surgery with Dr Yash Gulati top orthopedic surgeon in Delhi will be done in the same way as it is in the US or Canada. You'll get the same equipment, identical procedure, same clean state of the art facility and even the identical prosthesis

Avail top orthopedics care with Dr. Yash Gulati orthopedician in Delhi

Dr. Yash Gulati joint replacement surgeon at Apollo Delhi has long been at the forefront of joint replacement care, providing innovative and high-quality diagnosis and treatment. Being experienced nationally recognized joint replacement surgeon he is available to provide replacement of arthritic hips, knees, shoulders, and ankles. He sub-specializes in the replacement of these joints and is easily accessible for consultation. More than 650 joint replacement operations are performed annually by him at Apollo Hospitals, Delhi. Joint replacement surgery is an elective operation. Dr. Yash Gulati best joint replacement surgeon in India is well-trained in other reconstructive alternatives besides arthroplasty for the treatment of arthritic joints. Before joint replacement is recommended, no operative and other surgical treatments are always explored in-depth. Furthermore, he is an expert in revision arthroplasty techniques such as Allograft, modular designs and custom prostheses, which may be required when primary total joint replacements fail.

Joint replacement personal care plan by Dr. Yash Gulati best joint replacement surgeon in India

Dr. Yash Gulati focuses on providing high quality surgical and non-surgical treatment of orthopedic problems.  His patients have access to an excellent support staff at Apollo Hospitals Delhi, a regional and national center of excellence, and a hospital internationally renowned for joint replacement and orthopedic procedures. He strives to provide each patient with state-of-the-art orthopedic and sports medicine care of the highest quality. He treats each patient with kindness, compassion, and dignity. He aspires to make each patient’s experience, from the time of the first appointment to the completion of a successful treatment plan, as pleasant as possible. He looks forward to getting to know you and successfully treating your orthopedic problem.  He offers expedited appointments for the patient wanting to be seen without delay.

Why book with joint replacement surgery service India?

When you are driven by cost savings to seek treatment in a foreign country, then you want to be safe. For extra safety, you should book through joint replacement surgery service India. We verify that all the doctors listed on our website are qualified and experienced and have the right accreditations so that your surgery goes well. This greatly minimizes your risk. We offer the best price guarantee. And we check the amenities and ambiance at the medical centers to make sure they meet international standards. Hence many international patients have already made the sensible and heartfelt choice of being operated by experienced Indian doctors.
  • Treatment with us is backed by economical, specialty medical facilities especially low-cost heart surgery.
  • Indian medical workforce provides a humane experience and perfect patient management
  • Minimum waiting period
  • Latest infrastructure, technology, and services
  • High-quality post convalescence period

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Get Back To Quality of Life with Dr Abhay Nene Best Spine Surgeon in India


Spine surgery is a method that is achieved a good way to alleviate pain due to spinal issues. This is done by converting a patient’s anatomy, which includes removing or fusing components of the spine. Spine surgical operation is most effective considered after non-surgical treatment options have failed and pain has not subsided. Types of spine surgical procedure range from minimally invasive to complex.

Dr Abhay Nene top spine surgeon and back pain specialist in India

With Dr Abhay Nene best spine surgeon in India, he offers excellence in minimally invasive and complex spine surgery to patients in India. He most commonly performs spinal fusion surgery, laminectomy, and microdiscectomy. He also treats patients who require revision spinal surgery and those who are considered too challenging to be treated by another spine surgeon. He is a world-class spinal surgeon and specializes in cervical spine fusion, lumbar interbody fusion, posterior pedicle screw fusion and dynamic posterior stabilization fusion. With his collaborative yet conservative approach to care, his patients have confidence in their course of treatment, as he works together developing a plan that effectively manages individual needs and concerns while improving lives. He is a consultant spine surgeon at department of spine care at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai where he finds each patient’s best path to a better back, thru a caring, conservative approach that favors nonsurgical answers whenever possible, mixed with knowledge in advanced minimally invasive processes while a surgical operation is important.

Dr Abhay Nene is leading –edge in treatment for spinal pain and problems

With 33 bones and sizable nerve tissue alongside your spine, it takes a skilled expert to diagnose the precise cause of back pain. Step one towards relief is getting the most accurate diagnosis feasible. Dr. Abhay Nene best spine surgeon in India is an expert diagnostician who takes ample time to explain your condition in terms you can understand and review all your treatment options. He often presents second opinions for your peace of mind. He diagnoses and creates a custom designed treatment plan for patients with spinal conditions. If surgery is indicated, he utilizes minimally invasive procedures whenever applicable. Whatever the choice, he combines tried and true methods of care coupled with the latest in advanced technology. As a recognized authority in endoscopic spine surgery, he performs almost 90% of his spine surgeries on an outpatient basis so you can recover in the safety and comfort of your home.

Get expert spine care with Dr Abhay Nene spine surgeon in Mumbai

If you suffer from new or chronic spine problems, whether from an accident, disease, spinal deformity or just from a lifetime of wear and tear, Dr. Abhay Nene best spine surgeon in Mumbai can help at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai is dedicated to excellence in spinal surgery, care, and treatment. Recovery is brought about with individualized care, compassion, education, and the institution of state of the art treatment. Through such attention, he is committed to transformational improvements in the quality of life of his patients. He has developed his knowledge, skills and expertise with the goal of providing you the best spine care. Consult Dr. Abhay Nene best spine surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai, India via Contact Number +91-9325887033.

Benefits of choosing spine and neurosurgery service India

Spine and neurosurgery service India is a professional team of medical travel specialists, poised to serve medical and wellness tourists seeking healthcare in India. Our professional group is able to turn in the best care and assistance to medical travelers from around the world, in a extensive range of requirements from surgical treatment, alternative treatment, wellness retreats or coordinating travel plans to making plans an enjoyable vacation. Our devoted team of professionals takes duty in imparting a seamless service all through the treatment and recovery procedure that our customers themselves select. Our relationship with leading care providers in India is coupled with our experience in tourism and journey making plans, so that we're capable of customizing your visit to India and make it an unforgettable wellness experience.

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Dr. K Sridhar Best Neurosurgeon in Chennai


More people consider neurosurgery as brain surgery — however, it's much more! It is the clinical speciality concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of patients with damage to, or diseases/disorders of the brain, spinal cord and spinal column, and peripheral nerves within all components of the body. The uniqueness of neurosurgical care includes both adult and pediatric patients. Structured upon the nature of the injury or disease a neurological surgeon might also offer surgical and/or non-surgical care.

Dr. K. Sridhar your partner for excellence neurosurgery in India

For twenty years+, Dr. K. Sridhar best neuro surgeon in India have provided comprehensive, careful, and compassionate treatment of the entire range of neurological surgical problems for his adult and pediatric patients.

·   He has a committed to achieving the best outcomes in neurosurgery.
·   He is a leader in their field when it comes to treatment and discovery of new approaches for a wide variety of neurological problems, including Parkinson's disease, brain tumors, brachial plexus palsy, pituitary disorders, and scoliosis, among many others.
·   He is known for having some of the best technology and expertise providing minimally invasive treatment for aneurysms.
·  He was one of the first neurosurgeons in India to perform a minimally invasive spinal fusion using robotics technology. He continues to pioneer minimally invasive techniques to the brain and spinal cord and is at the forefront of technology for neurosurgical methods.

Dr. K. Sridhar is an elite spine and neuro surgeon in India

Through world-class, patient-focused care; innovative clinical and laboratory research; and specialized academic training, Dr. K. Sridhar best neurosurgeon surgeon at global hospital in Chennai provides complete neurosurgical expertise to patients with cranial and spinal diseases and disorders. He offers an array of services including cerebrovascular, spinal, functional, traumatic, tumor, and pediatric neurosurgery. He specializes in providing options and answers for simple to complex neuro-surgical problems utilizing the experience. Blending tradition and innovation, he is a premiere neurosurgeon focused on educational excellence, cutting-edge research and skilled, compassionate patient care.  Dr. K. Sridhar best spine surgeon at global hospital at Chennai is dedicated to providing the best possible care to their patients; including both operative and non-operative treatment modalities.  He stresses a team approach to comprehensive spine care and utilizes all available recourses at global hospital in Chennai.

Dr. K. Sridhar is a recognized top neurosurgeon in India

Every patient who approaches him is promptly evaluated by the surgeon with formal training in both neurological and spine surgery. If necessary, spine surgical treatment of any level of complexity can be accomplished in a timely fashion. Operative treatment includes of: minimally invasive surgical treatment, routine spine, complicated spine, revision, deformity and tumor surgical procedure. His goal is to provide excellent neurosurgical care to his patients while giving them a positive experience with his practice. His team strives to provide exceptional care and service with open, direct, and supportive interaction with his patients and their families.

Why choose spine and neurosurgery service in India?

Spine and neurosurgery service India recognizes that International patients have special needs and requirements. In order to provide a highly specialized service, spine and neurosurgery service India offers seamless patient services of world-class quality. From the warmth of our greeting on the airport to your registration and discharge, we have created unprecedented services. Our priority is to deal with you with the utmost respect while providing top care.

We realize you have many choices in terms of neurology providers; however, we believe we distinguish ourselves from the others by our individualized care. We guarantee the lowest pricing for all neurology treatment with no price discrimination between domestic and international patients.

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Dr. Anil Bhan Achieving the Sustaining Improved Quality of Cardiac Surgery in India


Cardiac surgical procedure is over half of a century old, and cardiac surgeons have usually tailored to alternate rapidly. Innovation has been their hallmark, and it's far awe inspiring to consider the modern techniques evolved by means of cardiac surgeons over the many years. The ingenuity and complexity of cardiac surgical procedure claims superiority over most different specialties. An affected person may have a illness that includes one or all components, and this is where the respective subspecialties enter.


Avail the latest advancements in cardiac surgery with Dr. Anil Bhan

While you want heart surgical treatment, you want the best possible care from experts who've years of experience in, and a compassionate, pleasant environment. Here with Dr Anil Bhan best cardiac surgeon in Gurgaon who have extensive experience in minimally invasive heart surgery, combination open-heart procedures, and many other complex surgical procedures of the heart. He is on the front lines of fighting heart and vascular diseases, developing techniques and treatments that are setting standards in cardiac care all over the world. Dr. Bhan has become one of the most sought-out cardiac surgeons, not only by Indian travellers, but also by many foreigners Americans and Canadians mainly seeking to get quality medical treatments at lower prices.

Dr Anil Bhan offers the very best cardiac treatment you deserve 

Dr. Anil Bhan cardiologist in India provides consultation and treatment services for cardiac and thoracic disorders and is proud of his commitment to the highest level of quality patient care. He offers top-quality specializing in highly specific surgeries and use state of the art technology to achieve the most successful patient outcomes.  He performs more than 95 percent of his bypass surgeries with the heart beating (without the use of a bypass machine), with no mortalities.  This can be more secure for patients who meet certain standards and it additionally decreases the need for blood transfusions. Just 20-25 percent of bypass surgeries in the U.S are performed this way, a testament to his experience and ability.  He is particularly adept at handling clinical emergencies, particularly complicated aortic dissection, and receives patients from all parts of the world who require the emergent procedure. He has particular expertise in complex aortic surgery and performed the first hybrid endovascular repair of the aortic arch at Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon.  These complex surgeries have an excellent survival rate. He is nationally known for his cardiac care, which includes a 99 percent survival rate for coronary artery bypass grafting.

Dr. Anil Bhan emphases on the best cardiac treatment approach for a swifter recovery

Dr. Anil Bhan, vice chairman cardiac surgery heart institute Medanta Hospital, Gurugram, India, shares how the use of advanced surgical techniques with the modern technology has allowed him to perform previously inoperable, a sensitive procedure with a high degree of accuracy and safety. He carefully evaluates each patient and offers only the most durable and effective solution for each individual. His results are amongst the best in the country. Nearly 80% of cardiac surgeries—including the most complex procedures—are performed without the use of blood transfusions. Bloodless surgery reduces transfusion-associated risks and requires a meticulous approach to surgery that further contributes to his consistently excellent outcomes

Why choose India cardiac surgery service?

India cardiac surgery service is taking new shapes every day and we are always up to date with the newest services and technology to make your consultation, diagnosis and visit more comfortable. Being top medical providers in India we provide you with the best medical assistance and hospitality services. We work for quality and genuine medical solution that exceeds the expectation of our esteemed patients. We work on making a strong connection between patients and world-class hospitals and medical doctors. Your trust is our strength.

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Dr Suresh Joshi Enabling Patients with Heart Conditions to Live Fulfilling Lives


The cardiac surgical operation is just over half a century old, and cardiac surgeons have always tailored to change rapidly. Innovation has been their hallmark, and it is awe inspiring to consider the innovative method evolved through cardiac surgeons over a long time. The ingenuity and complexity of cardiac surgical procedures claim superiority over most different specialties. Cardiothoracic surgery mainly deals with the ailments and surgical procedures affecting the internal organs inside the thorax or the chest. It generally takes care of treatments of conditions involving the heart and the lungs.

The range of specialities offered by Dr Suresh Joshi best cardiothoracic surgeon at Wockhardt hospital Mumbai

The expertise of Dr Suresh Joshi best cardiothoracic surgeon at Wockhardt hospital Mumbai extends to surgical treatment for coronary heart failure, aneurysms & pulmonary embolisms, coronary artery bypass grafting as well as Ross and homograft procedures. He has carved a niche in addressing complex valve repair surgeries too. The success rate offered by him in cardiac surgeries is among the highest in India and comparable with the best cardiac surgeon anywhere in the world. He is not the only expert in conventional cardiac surgical operation techniques, however, is likewise on the forefront of emerging technology to treat the entire spectrum of congenital and degenerative cardiac conditions. He has been instrumental in imposing cardiac programs from coronary heart transplantation to minimally-invasive cardiac surgical operation.

Dr Suresh Joshi enhancing cardiac health in India

Dr Suresh Joshi top cardiologist Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai is known around the world for his superior patient care and clinical outcomes. He has grown to become the best in India and one of the most specialized in the world. He cares for more than 25,000 children and adults with heart defects including the rarest and most complex cases in the world. This level of experience translates to better outcomes. From your first visit, he will be committed to overseeing all of your family’s medical, physical and emotional needs. Each step he takes is focused on making your experience as comfortable and supportive as possible. The depth and breadth of the treatments, services expertise and second opinions offered through him draws families from around the world who seek the best care possible for their loved ones. Most of his patients came from outside India. He specializes in second opinions, especially when it comes to evaluating the need for invasive procedures.

Dr Suresh Joshi the trusted, accomplished, compassionate cardiac specialists, leading the way in innovative care

Choosing a cardiologist is an important decision. After all, your heart – and your life – may depend on it.  Dr Suresh Joshi best cardiothoracic surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital works with colleagues both locally and nationally to deliver compassionate, comprehensive and individualized care for each patient. He uses his expertise, developed from over 20 years of experience, to find the best solution for each patient’s unique circumstances. Prevention is always strongly emphasized by the best cardiothoracic surgeon at Wockhardt hospital Mumbai. He provides aggressive cholesterol management and education regarding lifestyle changes designed to promote heart health. For superior cardiovascular care that’s delivered in a patient-focused environment, you can rely on the heart care specialists Dr Suresh Joshi in India.

Benefits of choosing India cardiac surgery service for your cardiac care 

India cardiac surgery service manages your case by cardiac condition and delivers comprehensive care by bringing together different groups and professionals involved in patient care. At India cardiac surgery service, we provide the ones going through a serious clinical problem with incorporated medical therapy including evidence-based medical information, close guidance and medical support. This guide is given at some point of the entire process, from analysis through to recovery; our case managers follow each patient all the time.

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Dr Abhay Nene Offers Progressive Spinal Solutions in Caring and Compassionate Manner


Back pain is one of the most common health problems around the world. It can be treated with the help exercises or simple medications. Spine surgery is recommended by doctors to treat stern and prolonged back conditions. Spine surgery is a surgical uniqueness which is devoted to the healing and protection of spine function by means of handling various spinal disorders. It includes both non-operative and complex operative treatment modalities. Spine surgery is a unique sub-speciality of orthopaedic and neurosurgical surgery.


Dr Abhay Nene expert in spine surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals Mumbai

It is painful; to say the least and unfortunately, the modern lifestyle we are leading has exposed every person, irrespective of their age group, to such injuries. Nevertheless, expert treatment is readily available by Dr Abhay Nene spine surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals Mumbai. He offers the best treatment and almost all kinds of surgeries that have got anything to do with the spine. The spine surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals Mumbai comes armed with years of experience and expertise and this is why, when you to have a need spine surgery you can trust him without any kind of second thoughts. The most relaxing thing about consulting Dr Abhay Nene is that he brings the best of technology and personal touch to the patient and thus, one need not worry about getting a hasty or thoughtless diagnosis.

Dr Abhay Nene is dedicated to your spine care in India

Dr Abhay Nene best spine surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai offers the latest state of the art diagnostics and surgical equipment and highly qualified specialists recognized as the best spine doctor In India. He provides state of art facilities for the management of all type of spinal ailment. He is a dedicated surgeon who trained and acclaimed spine surgeon providing cutting-edge medical and surgical technology. Spine-related problems are becoming increasingly common in our society. With advancements in technology and medical facilities, he is able to treat spinal problems with increasing efficiency with the help of him. The best spine surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals Mumbai has a mission to provide a complete, honest and one-stop solution to all your spine related problems. He does not “sell” surgery until and unless in his conclusion there is no other kind of choice.

Dr Abhay Nene world leader in spinal treatment in India

Dr Abhay Nene best spine surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals Mumbai has become India’s number one spine surgeon!  He has helped thousands of patients suffering from neck and back pain. Hundreds of others, from around the world, visit him seeking spinal treatment. He has developed knowledge, skills and expertise with the goal of providing you with the best spine care. He diagnoses and creates a customized treatment plan for patients with spinal conditions. He is an award-winning surgeon who is the leader in his field and trained in spine surgery. He presents complete experience in spinal conditions, with an emphasis on diagnostics as well as each surgical and non-surgical treatment. This wide array of experience consequences in the expertise of all treatment options available, allowing him to exhaust all conservative measures before turning to the surgical procedure.

Why choose spine and neurosurgery service in India?

Spine and neurosurgery service India is a Medical Value Travel Facilitator - Our services ensure end-to-end medical engagement during the entire patient journey - starting from diagnosis, travel, treatment and follow-up.

Advantages of medical treatment to India are:

• Provision for high savings
• Zero waiting lists for spine treatments
• Advanced and high-quality treatments
• World-class infrastructure
• Latest technology and quality services
• World-class medical professional
• Highly cooperative customer care
• Affordable travel opportunities

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Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta Provides Superior Results in Cancer Treatment in India


Earlier, men with prostate cancers had few prostate surgical procedure choices. Traditionally, the simplest prostate surgical treatment option was open prostatectomy, involving huge incisions and postoperative side effects. The precision of the da Vinci system additionally lets in the surgeon to keep away from damaging healthy prostate tissue, which improves medical outcomes, reduces scar tissue build up, and contributes to a standard shorter recuperation period after robot prostate surgical operation.

Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta top urologist in India helps in fighting prostate cancer with precision

Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta chairman kidney and urology institute at Medanta Hospital, Gurugram is leading the nation in advances in robotic and laparoscopic prostate surgery procedures. He shares his prostate surgery research and findings at conferences all over the world. His single-institution experience now exceeds 1000 cases of laparoscopic and robotic prostate surgery performed. His mastery of robot surgery extends his abilities beyond the elimination of prostate cancer to the successful treatment of urologic illnesses including bladder cancer, kidney cancer, adrenal gland issues and reconstructive urological surgical treatment for both women and men, all executed with the identical precision that has gained his reputation as leaders in robotic prostatectomies.

The benefits of top urologist in India Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta experience 

His record of over 7,000 robotic prostatectomies with a zero% mortality rate speaks for itself. He has never lost a robotic prostatectomy affected a person to prostate cancers. Ever. Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta best robotic radical prostatectomy surgeons in India have performed the most robotic prostatectomies in India. The sheer volume of patients he has successfully treated has honed his skills to a level of precision unmatched by most surgeons in the country. He has achieved excellent results in removing prostate, bladder and kidney cancer without leaving cancer cells behind. His familiarity with complex urological cancer cases reduces his surgical time to half the national average. His capacity to carry out difficult robot surgical operation appropriately and efficiently drastically reduces the quantity of time a patient spends under anesthesia. While the da Vinci surgical system is modern technology, now not each healthcare professional is skilled and professional in its use. You can rest assured that he at Institute at Medanta Hospital, Gurugram is the authorities in India. More experience makes for better outcomes.

Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta offers the very best cancer treatment you deserve

A dedication to quality, safety, technology, and service help makes Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta at Institute at Medanta Hospital, Gurugram a cohesive doctor dedicated to patients. One of the reasons he has so many satisfied patients and excellent outcomes is that he offers the extremely personal care you want while providing sub-specialized care in all urologic aspects. He offers every patient outstanding urological service combined with sympathy and respect.

Come to India and experience the best with India cancer surgery service

India cancer surgery service is a health provider that answers all the questions that a patient and his own family may also harbor and aids in providing affordable, safe and quality cancer treatments in India at all the major cities. India cancer surgery service is one of the preferred institutions that provide medical tourism in India. India cancer surgery service provides personalized care to all, for their needs and requirements at no extra cost in a manner that is simple and hassle-free. We can assist you in evaluating excellent cancer remedy alternatives and destinations across India, in addition, to estimate cost associated. As per with your medical requirement we help you check in to the hospital and acquire the needed clinical assistance and care. We will be in touch with you and assist you until the medical treatment is carried out. Post your treatment if you wish to stay for a holiday in India, we will be glad to assist you.

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Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar Top Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon in India Keeping Heart Healthy


Heart illnesses and problems amongst children below the age of 18, despite the fact that not very common, are growing at an alarming rate in the country nowadays. Paediatric cardiology is concerned with diseases of the heart in the growing and growing person. As well as expertise in heart disease, paediatric cardiologists also need a thorough grounding in general pediatrics, in order to provide all-round patient care. Paediatric cardiologists broadly treat congenital heart disease, arrhythmias and disturbances of circulatory function.

Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar provides premier heart surgery care across India

With Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar best cardiac surgeon at Max Healthcare Delhi, he understands the importance of instant and proper treatment of any and every heart ailment in the country, he aims to give your child the best possible care and treatment.  He performs over 1,000 cardiothoracic surgical procedures per year. Some of the India’s sickest children with heart diseases are referred to him due of his expertise and reputation. This includes those patients who have been turned down for surgery elsewhere. His premier cardiac services provide immediate access to highly sophisticated heart surgery to treat the myriad of heart ailments. He provides the most sophisticated level of pediatric cardiac care in India while easing the emotional and financial strain on families who would otherwise have to travel out-of-country for this level of care.

If you are searching for the best Peadriatic Surgeon in India, so my Suggestion for you Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar best paediatric cardiac surgeon at Max Healthcare Delhi India. 
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Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar provide excellence in pediatric heart surgery in India

He is recognized as national leaders in the field of paediatric cardiac surgery and is advancing the latest minimally invasive techniques that offer patients faster recovery and fewer complications. Due to the dramatic increase in the volume of cases in recent years, Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar top paediatric cardiac surgeon in India has become the leader in performing beating heart surgeries. His reputation for excellence has also made it an educational resource for cardiac surgeons throughout India. He is dedicated his most of his career to offer a chance to unfortunate children born with a congenital cardiac anomaly.  He is a strong believer in teamwork and in sharing knowledge, constantly aiming at excellent treatment and loving care to children with congenital heart anomalies.

High quality paediatric cardiac care by Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar top cardiac surgeon in India

He provides extraordinary care for infants and children with congenital heart and lung disease. Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar best paediatric cardiac surgeon at Max Healthcare Delhi is the only surgeon of its kind in India offering the expertise and resources to provide a comprehensive range of services including prenatal, neonatal and pediatric diagnostic, interventional and cardiothoracic surgical services. He is only one in India, provides for the care of these special infants, and children in a family-centered environment. His outcomes and quality measures are among the best in the nation, giving babies and children with heart conditions the very best chance at life. 

Pediatric cardiac surgery with India cardiac surgery service as the pathfinder

India cardiac surgery service as the most renowned and best medical provider in India provides all guidance and support for your child’s heart surgery in India.  With our vast experience with international patients, we have deep insights and expertise to help patients to find the right treatment plan. We are associated with experienced cardiologists to deliver the perfect treatment and recuperative plan. Before the surgery, we are able to teach the patient with each truth worried in the surgical procedure and maintain the transparency in a method, facilities, and the related fees. That is surgical packages, which incorporates domiciliary hospitalization and stay in India, in affected person care, the postoperative consultancy with complete healthcare advice.

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Dr. Vikram Sharma enriching the lives of numerous patients across the globe

Urologists require a lot of knowledge and understanding of Gynaecology, paediatrics and Internal Medicine and few other specialties. This is because they come across a varied range of disorders that they have to deal with. There are around seven sub-specialties that Urology encompasses: 
Male Infertility
Kidney Transplantation
Prostate Enlargement 
Paediatric Urology
Calculi (Urinary Tract stones)
Urologic Oncology – Cancer
Female Urology – problems like Urinary Incontinence and Pelvic Outlet Relaxation
With each passing year, the field of Urology is getting more upgraded as newer and modernized forms of treatment techniques and surgical approaches are being introduced; more specifically Laparoscopic approaches, usage of Robotics and others. These approaches are found extremely beneficial by the patients and the doctors as these approaches bring along a lot of benefits such as small and minimum possible incisions, reduced blood loss, fast recovery and many others. 
But at the same time, these approaches need a very high level of surgical expertise, which is found in abundance in India. The Indian Urologists have very successfully carved a niche for themselves in all over the world and one such much successful Urology specialist of India is Dr. Vikram Sharma. With his proficiency in this field, he has surely enhanced the success rates associated with this field.

More about the Doctor

Dr. Vikram Sharma is respected all over the world for being one of the most experienced and pioneers in Endourology. With over 31 years of experience, he has been associated with some of the most acclaimed hospitals like Max Super Speciality Hospital, Aashlok Hospital and others. At present, he is the Director of Urology, Robotics, Andrology and Kidney Transplant at the highly recognized Fortis Memorial Research Institute located at Gurgaon. He is immensely learned about Urology and has done his specialization in Urology from England. He is also known for being the Founding Director of the first Andrology Centre of India, which is known as the Alpha One Andrology Group. This centre specifically caters to males with Sexual Dysfunction.
With a vast amount of experience in Laparoscopic and Robotic Urological procedures, he has several surgical inventions to his credit; especially GreenLight Laser treatment for prostate surgery in India. He is widely respected for being highly proficient in Endoscopic Stone Surgery, Laser Prostate Surgery, Genitourinary Cancer Surgery, Robotic Laparoscopic Urology, Kidney Transplantation, Male Sexual Dysfunction correction surgeries, minimally invasive and non-invasive Urology and much more. He is extremely adept in dealing with Urological conditions that are very complex in nature, by implementing cutting edge treatment and surgical technology. 
According to him, innovation is extremely crucial in any field of medicine and he majorly endorses that every medical professional should offer treatment with a personal touch. Further, he has conducted many live operated workshops across many countries. His contributions to the field of Urology have undoubtedly boosted the lives of innumerable patients from India as well as many other countries. He is a member of many esteemed associations and Urological institutions located in India as well as abroad and also a visiting professor of Urology at the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, USA.

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Services offered by India Laparoscopy Surgery Site to reach such top Healthcare Professionals

With a widespread network comprising of the top Indian hospitals, we make sure that our patients get the best facilities
With the top Urology experts like Dr. Vikram Sharma being a part of our huge network, we help our patients to get connected to these experts
We can also arrange for a video consultation with these doctors before the patients arrive in India
We plan our services with a very transparent approach giving the convenience of our patients top priority
We ascertain that the patients do not have to pay hefty charges to access the healthcare services in India 
Our medical visa assistance help the patients reach India as early as possible 
Furthermore, we make sure that the patients do not have to go through lengthy wait lists before getting connected to the specialists
Dedicated follow ups to ensure total recovery 

Top Hospital For Urology Surgery

  • Apollo Hospital
  • Fortis Hospital
  • Artemis Hospital
  • Max Hospital
  • Columbia Asia Hospital
  • Nova Hospital
  • Medanta Hospital
  • Asian Heart Institute
  • Wockhardt Hospital
  • Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
  • Jaslok Hospital
Dr. Vikram Sharma, Best Urology surgeon in India 
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Trusted Choice for Exceptional Patient-Centered Care By Dr. Yash Gulati Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in India


Total joint substitute is one of the safest and most dependable treatments in any area of medication. A hip or knee replacement done today typically can be expected to last for 20 or more years. In reality, for most patients, total joint alternative surgical treatment can be a lifelong solution for arthritis of the hip or knee. Total joint replacement should be considered as a possible treatment option only after a reasonable attempt at non-surgical management has been determined to be unsuccessful.

Get lasting relief from joint Pain Dr. Yash Gulati orthopedician in Delhi

Dr. Yash Gulati senior orthopaedic surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Delhi is on the forefront of much advancement, including hip resurfacing, minimal incision surgery, computer-assisted design and surgical navigation, and gender-specific knee technology.
He coordinates care from initial education and pre-admission testing through post-acute rehabilitation, so that patients can recover as quickly and safely as possible. Most are able to resume an active lifestyle.
He offers courses to his patients that fully explain what to anticipate from a complete joint replacement manner, consisting of pre-surgical instruction, postoperative care and rehabilitation.

Dr. Yash Gulati restores strength and relief with advanced joint replacement surgery

He provides orthopedic patients with excellent orthopedic care and joint injury treatment. He offers a joint replacement plan that is tailored to meet your individual needs. But technical skills and a superb facility aren’t always enough. You also need a human touch, and that is another way he excels. He is dedicated to ensuring that you have the information, care, and services that you require. He emphasize on approach to education and rehabilitation which provides a very supportive environment to help patients increase their mobility after surgery and improves clinical outcomes.

Why choose Dr. Yash Gulati orthopaedic surgeon Delhi?

Patients and families in India and beyond choose him for joint replacement services because of:

Expertise: He is trained and board-certified specialists who have advanced training in the latest standards of joint care.
Forward-thinking treatment approach: He offers minimally invasive approaches, such as muscle-sparing joint replacement surgery, to decrease recovery time. He also use computer-aided navigation and other advanced techniques, leading to more effective results.
Outstanding clinical results: He is committed to producing outstanding clinical and patient satisfaction results. Many of his patients are up and walking immediately after joint replacement surgery, return home in two to three days, and experience a significant improvement in their quality of life.
Innovative surgical options: he has deep experience appearing advanced approaches. He provides a full variety of surgical alternatives, which include revolutionary alternatives for primary joint replacements and complex revision surgical procedures.
Patient-focused care: Dr. Yash Gulati senior orthopaedic surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Delhi offers a high level of care in a patient-centered environment. His specific pain control protocol reduces sufferers’ nausea and discomfort, proscribing the need for narcotic medication at some stage in and after surgical operation.

Vision, mission, values, principles of joint replacement surgery service India

Our Vision:

To be the best and most trusted medical tourism company in the world. We attempt to facilitate safe and cozy healthcare services to medical tourist from the world over and ensure their well-being and short healing.

Our Mission:

Using our skills and professional expertise, we have pioneered the medical services in India. We adhere strongly to the industry requirements and use our great understanding in the discipline of medical tourism to deliver timely, essential, and exceptional services.

Our Values:

Safety, Excellence in service and Trust are the building blocks of joint replacement surgery service India

Guiding Principles:

Achieve the best possible outcome for each patient
Embrace a customer service philosophy
Work together as a team towards common goals
Maintain the highest ethical standards

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