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Trusted Choice for Exceptional Patient-Centered Care By Dr. Yash Gulati Best Joint Replacement Surgeon in India


Total joint substitute is one of the safest and most dependable treatments in any area of medication. A hip or knee replacement done today typically can be expected to last for 20 or more years. In reality, for most patients, total joint alternative surgical treatment can be a lifelong solution for arthritis of the hip or knee. Total joint replacement should be considered as a possible treatment option only after a reasonable attempt at non-surgical management has been determined to be unsuccessful.

Get lasting relief from joint Pain Dr. Yash Gulati orthopedician in Delhi

Dr. Yash Gulati senior orthopaedic surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Delhi is on the forefront of much advancement, including hip resurfacing, minimal incision surgery, computer-assisted design and surgical navigation, and gender-specific knee technology.
He coordinates care from initial education and pre-admission testing through post-acute rehabilitation, so that patients can recover as quickly and safely as possible. Most are able to resume an active lifestyle.
He offers courses to his patients that fully explain what to anticipate from a complete joint replacement manner, consisting of pre-surgical instruction, postoperative care and rehabilitation.

Dr. Yash Gulati restores strength and relief with advanced joint replacement surgery

He provides orthopedic patients with excellent orthopedic care and joint injury treatment. He offers a joint replacement plan that is tailored to meet your individual needs. But technical skills and a superb facility aren’t always enough. You also need a human touch, and that is another way he excels. He is dedicated to ensuring that you have the information, care, and services that you require. He emphasize on approach to education and rehabilitation which provides a very supportive environment to help patients increase their mobility after surgery and improves clinical outcomes.

Why choose Dr. Yash Gulati orthopaedic surgeon Delhi?

Patients and families in India and beyond choose him for joint replacement services because of:

Expertise: He is trained and board-certified specialists who have advanced training in the latest standards of joint care.
Forward-thinking treatment approach: He offers minimally invasive approaches, such as muscle-sparing joint replacement surgery, to decrease recovery time. He also use computer-aided navigation and other advanced techniques, leading to more effective results.
Outstanding clinical results: He is committed to producing outstanding clinical and patient satisfaction results. Many of his patients are up and walking immediately after joint replacement surgery, return home in two to three days, and experience a significant improvement in their quality of life.
Innovative surgical options: he has deep experience appearing advanced approaches. He provides a full variety of surgical alternatives, which include revolutionary alternatives for primary joint replacements and complex revision surgical procedures.
Patient-focused care: Dr. Yash Gulati senior orthopaedic surgeon at Apollo Hospitals Delhi offers a high level of care in a patient-centered environment. His specific pain control protocol reduces sufferers’ nausea and discomfort, proscribing the need for narcotic medication at some stage in and after surgical operation.

Vision, mission, values, principles of joint replacement surgery service India

Our Vision:

To be the best and most trusted medical tourism company in the world. We attempt to facilitate safe and cozy healthcare services to medical tourist from the world over and ensure their well-being and short healing.

Our Mission:

Using our skills and professional expertise, we have pioneered the medical services in India. We adhere strongly to the industry requirements and use our great understanding in the discipline of medical tourism to deliver timely, essential, and exceptional services.

Our Values:

Safety, Excellence in service and Trust are the building blocks of joint replacement surgery service India

Guiding Principles:

Achieve the best possible outcome for each patient
Embrace a customer service philosophy
Work together as a team towards common goals
Maintain the highest ethical standards

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