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Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta Provides Superior Results in Cancer Treatment in India


Earlier, men with prostate cancers had few prostate surgical procedure choices. Traditionally, the simplest prostate surgical treatment option was open prostatectomy, involving huge incisions and postoperative side effects. The precision of the da Vinci system additionally lets in the surgeon to keep away from damaging healthy prostate tissue, which improves medical outcomes, reduces scar tissue build up, and contributes to a standard shorter recuperation period after robot prostate surgical operation.

Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta top urologist in India helps in fighting prostate cancer with precision

Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta chairman kidney and urology institute at Medanta Hospital, Gurugram is leading the nation in advances in robotic and laparoscopic prostate surgery procedures. He shares his prostate surgery research and findings at conferences all over the world. His single-institution experience now exceeds 1000 cases of laparoscopic and robotic prostate surgery performed. His mastery of robot surgery extends his abilities beyond the elimination of prostate cancer to the successful treatment of urologic illnesses including bladder cancer, kidney cancer, adrenal gland issues and reconstructive urological surgical treatment for both women and men, all executed with the identical precision that has gained his reputation as leaders in robotic prostatectomies.

The benefits of top urologist in India Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta experience 

His record of over 7,000 robotic prostatectomies with a zero% mortality rate speaks for itself. He has never lost a robotic prostatectomy affected a person to prostate cancers. Ever. Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta best robotic radical prostatectomy surgeons in India have performed the most robotic prostatectomies in India. The sheer volume of patients he has successfully treated has honed his skills to a level of precision unmatched by most surgeons in the country. He has achieved excellent results in removing prostate, bladder and kidney cancer without leaving cancer cells behind. His familiarity with complex urological cancer cases reduces his surgical time to half the national average. His capacity to carry out difficult robot surgical operation appropriately and efficiently drastically reduces the quantity of time a patient spends under anesthesia. While the da Vinci surgical system is modern technology, now not each healthcare professional is skilled and professional in its use. You can rest assured that he at Institute at Medanta Hospital, Gurugram is the authorities in India. More experience makes for better outcomes.

Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta offers the very best cancer treatment you deserve

A dedication to quality, safety, technology, and service help makes Dr. Narmada Prasad Gupta at Institute at Medanta Hospital, Gurugram a cohesive doctor dedicated to patients. One of the reasons he has so many satisfied patients and excellent outcomes is that he offers the extremely personal care you want while providing sub-specialized care in all urologic aspects. He offers every patient outstanding urological service combined with sympathy and respect.

Come to India and experience the best with India cancer surgery service

India cancer surgery service is a health provider that answers all the questions that a patient and his own family may also harbor and aids in providing affordable, safe and quality cancer treatments in India at all the major cities. India cancer surgery service is one of the preferred institutions that provide medical tourism in India. India cancer surgery service provides personalized care to all, for their needs and requirements at no extra cost in a manner that is simple and hassle-free. We can assist you in evaluating excellent cancer remedy alternatives and destinations across India, in addition, to estimate cost associated. As per with your medical requirement we help you check in to the hospital and acquire the needed clinical assistance and care. We will be in touch with you and assist you until the medical treatment is carried out. Post your treatment if you wish to stay for a holiday in India, we will be glad to assist you.

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Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar Top Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon in India Keeping Heart Healthy


Heart illnesses and problems amongst children below the age of 18, despite the fact that not very common, are growing at an alarming rate in the country nowadays. Paediatric cardiology is concerned with diseases of the heart in the growing and growing person. As well as expertise in heart disease, paediatric cardiologists also need a thorough grounding in general pediatrics, in order to provide all-round patient care. Paediatric cardiologists broadly treat congenital heart disease, arrhythmias and disturbances of circulatory function.

Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar provides premier heart surgery care across India

With Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar best cardiac surgeon at Max Healthcare Delhi, he understands the importance of instant and proper treatment of any and every heart ailment in the country, he aims to give your child the best possible care and treatment.  He performs over 1,000 cardiothoracic surgical procedures per year. Some of the India’s sickest children with heart diseases are referred to him due of his expertise and reputation. This includes those patients who have been turned down for surgery elsewhere. His premier cardiac services provide immediate access to highly sophisticated heart surgery to treat the myriad of heart ailments. He provides the most sophisticated level of pediatric cardiac care in India while easing the emotional and financial strain on families who would otherwise have to travel out-of-country for this level of care.

If you are searching for the best Peadriatic Surgeon in India, so my Suggestion for you Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar best paediatric cardiac surgeon at Max Healthcare Delhi India. 
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Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar provide excellence in pediatric heart surgery in India

He is recognized as national leaders in the field of paediatric cardiac surgery and is advancing the latest minimally invasive techniques that offer patients faster recovery and fewer complications. Due to the dramatic increase in the volume of cases in recent years, Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar top paediatric cardiac surgeon in India has become the leader in performing beating heart surgeries. His reputation for excellence has also made it an educational resource for cardiac surgeons throughout India. He is dedicated his most of his career to offer a chance to unfortunate children born with a congenital cardiac anomaly.  He is a strong believer in teamwork and in sharing knowledge, constantly aiming at excellent treatment and loving care to children with congenital heart anomalies.

High quality paediatric cardiac care by Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar top cardiac surgeon in India

He provides extraordinary care for infants and children with congenital heart and lung disease. Dr. Kulbhushan Singh Dagar best paediatric cardiac surgeon at Max Healthcare Delhi is the only surgeon of its kind in India offering the expertise and resources to provide a comprehensive range of services including prenatal, neonatal and pediatric diagnostic, interventional and cardiothoracic surgical services. He is only one in India, provides for the care of these special infants, and children in a family-centered environment. His outcomes and quality measures are among the best in the nation, giving babies and children with heart conditions the very best chance at life. 

Pediatric cardiac surgery with India cardiac surgery service as the pathfinder

India cardiac surgery service as the most renowned and best medical provider in India provides all guidance and support for your child’s heart surgery in India.  With our vast experience with international patients, we have deep insights and expertise to help patients to find the right treatment plan. We are associated with experienced cardiologists to deliver the perfect treatment and recuperative plan. Before the surgery, we are able to teach the patient with each truth worried in the surgical procedure and maintain the transparency in a method, facilities, and the related fees. That is surgical packages, which incorporates domiciliary hospitalization and stay in India, in affected person care, the postoperative consultancy with complete healthcare advice.

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