Friday, September 28, 2018

Get Back To Quality of Life with Dr Abhay Nene Best Spine Surgeon in India


Spine surgery is a method that is achieved a good way to alleviate pain due to spinal issues. This is done by converting a patient’s anatomy, which includes removing or fusing components of the spine. Spine surgical operation is most effective considered after non-surgical treatment options have failed and pain has not subsided. Types of spine surgical procedure range from minimally invasive to complex.

Dr Abhay Nene top spine surgeon and back pain specialist in India

With Dr Abhay Nene best spine surgeon in India, he offers excellence in minimally invasive and complex spine surgery to patients in India. He most commonly performs spinal fusion surgery, laminectomy, and microdiscectomy. He also treats patients who require revision spinal surgery and those who are considered too challenging to be treated by another spine surgeon. He is a world-class spinal surgeon and specializes in cervical spine fusion, lumbar interbody fusion, posterior pedicle screw fusion and dynamic posterior stabilization fusion. With his collaborative yet conservative approach to care, his patients have confidence in their course of treatment, as he works together developing a plan that effectively manages individual needs and concerns while improving lives. He is a consultant spine surgeon at department of spine care at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai where he finds each patient’s best path to a better back, thru a caring, conservative approach that favors nonsurgical answers whenever possible, mixed with knowledge in advanced minimally invasive processes while a surgical operation is important.

Dr Abhay Nene is leading –edge in treatment for spinal pain and problems

With 33 bones and sizable nerve tissue alongside your spine, it takes a skilled expert to diagnose the precise cause of back pain. Step one towards relief is getting the most accurate diagnosis feasible. Dr. Abhay Nene best spine surgeon in India is an expert diagnostician who takes ample time to explain your condition in terms you can understand and review all your treatment options. He often presents second opinions for your peace of mind. He diagnoses and creates a custom designed treatment plan for patients with spinal conditions. If surgery is indicated, he utilizes minimally invasive procedures whenever applicable. Whatever the choice, he combines tried and true methods of care coupled with the latest in advanced technology. As a recognized authority in endoscopic spine surgery, he performs almost 90% of his spine surgeries on an outpatient basis so you can recover in the safety and comfort of your home.

Get expert spine care with Dr Abhay Nene spine surgeon in Mumbai

If you suffer from new or chronic spine problems, whether from an accident, disease, spinal deformity or just from a lifetime of wear and tear, Dr. Abhay Nene best spine surgeon in Mumbai can help at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai is dedicated to excellence in spinal surgery, care, and treatment. Recovery is brought about with individualized care, compassion, education, and the institution of state of the art treatment. Through such attention, he is committed to transformational improvements in the quality of life of his patients. He has developed his knowledge, skills and expertise with the goal of providing you the best spine care. Consult Dr. Abhay Nene best spine surgeon at Wockhardt Hospitals, Mumbai, India via Contact Number +91-9325887033.

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