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Dr. Anil Bhan Achieving the Sustaining Improved Quality of Cardiac Surgery in India


Cardiac surgical procedure is over half of a century old, and cardiac surgeons have usually tailored to alternate rapidly. Innovation has been their hallmark, and it's far awe inspiring to consider the modern techniques evolved by means of cardiac surgeons over the many years. The ingenuity and complexity of cardiac surgical procedure claims superiority over most different specialties. An affected person may have a illness that includes one or all components, and this is where the respective subspecialties enter.


Avail the latest advancements in cardiac surgery with Dr. Anil Bhan

While you want heart surgical treatment, you want the best possible care from experts who've years of experience in, and a compassionate, pleasant environment. Here with Dr Anil Bhan best cardiac surgeon in Gurgaon who have extensive experience in minimally invasive heart surgery, combination open-heart procedures, and many other complex surgical procedures of the heart. He is on the front lines of fighting heart and vascular diseases, developing techniques and treatments that are setting standards in cardiac care all over the world. Dr. Bhan has become one of the most sought-out cardiac surgeons, not only by Indian travellers, but also by many foreigners Americans and Canadians mainly seeking to get quality medical treatments at lower prices.

Dr Anil Bhan offers the very best cardiac treatment you deserve 

Dr. Anil Bhan cardiologist in India provides consultation and treatment services for cardiac and thoracic disorders and is proud of his commitment to the highest level of quality patient care. He offers top-quality specializing in highly specific surgeries and use state of the art technology to achieve the most successful patient outcomes.  He performs more than 95 percent of his bypass surgeries with the heart beating (without the use of a bypass machine), with no mortalities.  This can be more secure for patients who meet certain standards and it additionally decreases the need for blood transfusions. Just 20-25 percent of bypass surgeries in the U.S are performed this way, a testament to his experience and ability.  He is particularly adept at handling clinical emergencies, particularly complicated aortic dissection, and receives patients from all parts of the world who require the emergent procedure. He has particular expertise in complex aortic surgery and performed the first hybrid endovascular repair of the aortic arch at Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon.  These complex surgeries have an excellent survival rate. He is nationally known for his cardiac care, which includes a 99 percent survival rate for coronary artery bypass grafting.

Dr. Anil Bhan emphases on the best cardiac treatment approach for a swifter recovery

Dr. Anil Bhan, vice chairman cardiac surgery heart institute Medanta Hospital, Gurugram, India, shares how the use of advanced surgical techniques with the modern technology has allowed him to perform previously inoperable, a sensitive procedure with a high degree of accuracy and safety. He carefully evaluates each patient and offers only the most durable and effective solution for each individual. His results are amongst the best in the country. Nearly 80% of cardiac surgeries—including the most complex procedures—are performed without the use of blood transfusions. Bloodless surgery reduces transfusion-associated risks and requires a meticulous approach to surgery that further contributes to his consistently excellent outcomes

Why choose India cardiac surgery service?

India cardiac surgery service is taking new shapes every day and we are always up to date with the newest services and technology to make your consultation, diagnosis and visit more comfortable. Being top medical providers in India we provide you with the best medical assistance and hospitality services. We work for quality and genuine medical solution that exceeds the expectation of our esteemed patients. We work on making a strong connection between patients and world-class hospitals and medical doctors. Your trust is our strength.

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