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Dr Suresh Joshi Enabling Patients with Heart Conditions to Live Fulfilling Lives


The cardiac surgical operation is just over half a century old, and cardiac surgeons have always tailored to change rapidly. Innovation has been their hallmark, and it is awe inspiring to consider the innovative method evolved through cardiac surgeons over a long time. The ingenuity and complexity of cardiac surgical procedures claim superiority over most different specialties. Cardiothoracic surgery mainly deals with the ailments and surgical procedures affecting the internal organs inside the thorax or the chest. It generally takes care of treatments of conditions involving the heart and the lungs.

The range of specialities offered by Dr Suresh Joshi best cardiothoracic surgeon at Wockhardt hospital Mumbai

The expertise of Dr Suresh Joshi best cardiothoracic surgeon at Wockhardt hospital Mumbai extends to surgical treatment for coronary heart failure, aneurysms & pulmonary embolisms, coronary artery bypass grafting as well as Ross and homograft procedures. He has carved a niche in addressing complex valve repair surgeries too. The success rate offered by him in cardiac surgeries is among the highest in India and comparable with the best cardiac surgeon anywhere in the world. He is not the only expert in conventional cardiac surgical operation techniques, however, is likewise on the forefront of emerging technology to treat the entire spectrum of congenital and degenerative cardiac conditions. He has been instrumental in imposing cardiac programs from coronary heart transplantation to minimally-invasive cardiac surgical operation.

Dr Suresh Joshi enhancing cardiac health in India

Dr Suresh Joshi top cardiologist Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai is known around the world for his superior patient care and clinical outcomes. He has grown to become the best in India and one of the most specialized in the world. He cares for more than 25,000 children and adults with heart defects including the rarest and most complex cases in the world. This level of experience translates to better outcomes. From your first visit, he will be committed to overseeing all of your family’s medical, physical and emotional needs. Each step he takes is focused on making your experience as comfortable and supportive as possible. The depth and breadth of the treatments, services expertise and second opinions offered through him draws families from around the world who seek the best care possible for their loved ones. Most of his patients came from outside India. He specializes in second opinions, especially when it comes to evaluating the need for invasive procedures.

Dr Suresh Joshi the trusted, accomplished, compassionate cardiac specialists, leading the way in innovative care

Choosing a cardiologist is an important decision. After all, your heart – and your life – may depend on it.  Dr Suresh Joshi best cardiothoracic surgeon at Wockhardt Hospital works with colleagues both locally and nationally to deliver compassionate, comprehensive and individualized care for each patient. He uses his expertise, developed from over 20 years of experience, to find the best solution for each patient’s unique circumstances. Prevention is always strongly emphasized by the best cardiothoracic surgeon at Wockhardt hospital Mumbai. He provides aggressive cholesterol management and education regarding lifestyle changes designed to promote heart health. For superior cardiovascular care that’s delivered in a patient-focused environment, you can rely on the heart care specialists Dr Suresh Joshi in India.

Benefits of choosing India cardiac surgery service for your cardiac care 

India cardiac surgery service manages your case by cardiac condition and delivers comprehensive care by bringing together different groups and professionals involved in patient care. At India cardiac surgery service, we provide the ones going through a serious clinical problem with incorporated medical therapy including evidence-based medical information, close guidance and medical support. This guide is given at some point of the entire process, from analysis through to recovery; our case managers follow each patient all the time.

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